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Meeting Expectations – What you can expect from us!

"How you get there matters"

Comprehensive Financial Planning: Together we will develop a comprehensive financial plan to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. As a part of this plan, we will cover the retirement, investment, insurance, tax and estate planning aspects of your situation.

Access to outside specialists: As your situation requires, we will facilitate access to other specialists, including tax accountants and estate lawyers, whose skills we comfortably endorse.

Tax saving opportunities: For most clients, tax planning and minimization are key components of the financial plan. As part of your overall plan, strategies such as RRSP planning, income splitting, and family trusts will be evaluated.

Ongoing Attention: On an ongoing basis, your investment portfolios will be monitored to take advantage of the opportunities created by changing circumstances. In addition, your plan will be reviewed annually, and appropriate adjustments made to address your current life stage.

Complete and regular reporting: You will receive a quarterly investment summary statement for each investment account. Each statement is designed to be as clear as possible. We will review the format of these investment statements with you to minimize confusion or misunderstanding about how to read the results.

Direct Contact: We make ourselves as accessible to clients as possible. All telephone calls are returned within one business day, either personally or by our associates.

Value Added: Our most satisfied client is one who is fully informed. As a result, we have a strong commitment to client communication through a periodic newsletter, updates on market trends, and events. In addition, we maintain a lending library of some of the very best books on personal finance, available to all our clients.

What we hope to earn from you!

An open mind to new and innovative approaches to dealing with your financial affairs.

Reasonable Financial Disclosure; of personal and business information we require in order to make an appropriate recommendation based on your situation.

Serious consideration of our recommendations and proposals.

The right to do business with you on matters we have drawn to your attention.

Your personal endorsement to others in similar circumstances when you believe that our advice has been valuable to you.